10 Compelling Reasons to Live a Drug-Free Life

benefits of living an alcohol and drug free lifestyle

When people drink or use drugs, it frequently starts as a way to deal with hardships but becomes a primary coping mechanism. Things that happen in life may feel as if they’re too difficult to deal with without the effects of a substance. People may want to feel numb so they can overlook the bad things in their life. When you’re misusing drugs or benefits of living alcohol free alcohol, your relationships may be built on substance use. You’re more likely to surround yourself with other people who also misuse substances, and that can mean you never really get to know people without the influence of these substances. Romantic relationships may also be built on the use of drugs or alcohol, and frequently become toxic.

What Alcohol Does to Your Body

benefits of living an alcohol and drug free lifestyle

Sometimes people have a nightcap to help them fall asleep, Bogunovic says. Hispanic participants and four-year college students were more likely than others to report not drinking because of possible negative consequences, including alcohol interfering with school or work. Non-Hispanic white young adults were more likely to report a lack of interest in alcohol that day. People develop habits when they consistently do things without even consciously thinking about them. While certain patterns are beneficial, such as brushing our teeth or exercising, others are detrimental, such as drug usage or smoking.

benefits of living an alcohol and drug free lifestyle

In Recovery

The call for evidence based practices (EBP’s) in addiction treatment is nearly universal. It is a noteworthy movement in the field because treatment innovations have not always been implemented in community programs. However, other types https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/why-we-have-a-fear-of-being-sober-5-fears-about-it/ of community based services that may be essential to sustained recovery have received less attention. The paper ends with presentation of baseline data describing the residents who enter SLH’s and 6-month outcomes on 130 residents.

Your Next Steps to Being Drug and Alcohol Free

  • Having a crisis helpline number on hand and attending group support sessions, like those offered by AA or NA, can provide additional safety nets during vulnerable times.
  • Alco­hol can have an imme­di­ate, neg­a­tive impact on your immune sys­tem, reduc­ing its abil­i­ty to fight off germs.
  • The Oxford House model offers a “social model” recovery philosophy (Kaskutas, 1999) that emphasizes peer support for sobriety and shared, democratic leadership in managing house operations.

After you drink alcohol, Volpicelli explains that the small molecules inside it get absorbed by your gut. From there, they travel to other parts of your body and affect organ systems, including the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems, along the way. Once you stop using drugs, you can take your dreams off the back burner and start building the life you really want.

Benefits of Living Substance-Free

benefits of living an alcohol and drug free lifestyle

Improved Immunity

  • Caring for a pet also provides you with extra everyday responsibility and motivation to stay drug-free.
  • Rent is $395 for a shared room and $495 for a private room and includes furniture and utilities; residents are responsible for food.
  • Or that book idea you’ve told everyone about, at least a hundred times?
  • If you’re quitting because alcohol was causing problems in your relationships, then you’re probably hoping to see relationship improvements once you quit.

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